Part band incubator, part muso/singer/band-matching social club, the Club’s goal is to help and support people into playing live music.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM is a mandatory yearly meeting of the members of a club to present and discuss the past year’s activities and to elect new Committee members

Hosting an Annual General Meeting

Annual general meetings (AGMs) provide an opportunity for club members to present and review the annual report.

The annual report outlines a club’s activities across various areas for the previous 12 months. It includes aspects such as a mission statement, summary of achievements, progress report on goals, financials and goals for the year ahead.

Items discussed at an AGM:

  • Minutes of previous AGM
  • Presentation of financial reports
  • Constitution amendments (if any)
  • Presentation of the Annual Report
  • Election of office bearers
  • Life memberships (if any)
  • Any large changes to the club that may require a membership vote


Saturday 10 December 2022

The Annual General Meeting of the SA Live Music Club Inc will be held on Saturday 10 December 2022 at The Gov, 59 Port Road, Hindmarsh SA 5007 at 11.00am to 12.30pm.

Changes to the Constitution at the 2022 AGM

Included in the 2022 AGM Agenda are six (6) Resolutions proposed to be changed to the Club’s Constitution dated 18 May 2018.

Please click the following links to download copies of the relevant documents.

Resolutions and Explanatory Notes

Click here to download the draft 2022 AGM Agenda.

Click here to download the draft Minutes of the 2021 AGM.
(to be considered and approved at the 2022 AGM)

Proxy Voting

Constitution and Rules as approved and adopted 19 May 2018.

The Special Christmas Saturday Session follows the AGM at 1.00 pm.


At the AGM, all Committee positions become vacant and elections are held to fill them for the coming year.

Therefore nominations are now called for the following positions:


Click here for a description of the roles and responsibilities of office bearers.

Only financial Members of the Association may make a nomination and only financial Members may be elected to the Committee. Members may nominate themselves.

Nominations must be received by no later than 5 pm on Monday  5 December 2022.

Please make a separate nomination for each position for which you are nominating.

Nominations will be published on this page (below) as they are received. If your nomination does not appear within 24 hours, send a message to the Membership Officer here.

Ballots, if required, will be conducted at the AGM.

Download “Method of Voting” Procedures (if ballots are required).

Nominations can be made on this page

The following Nominations have been received:

President (1 vacancy). One received: Stephen Rees.

Vice-President (1 vacancy). One received: David Curtis.

Secretary (1 vacancy). One received: Rob Rahaley.

Treasurer (1 vacancy). One received: Tonia Brooks.

Committee Members (6 vacancies)

  • Stephen Rees
  • Rob Rahaley
  • Susie Barbato
  • Ross Savvas
  • Rob Green
  • David Curtis
  • Liz Wilson
  • Rob Curtis
  • Elaine Lally

Ross Savvas