Band Selection Worksheets

Christmas Special – 12 Dec 2020

Seven registrations received for three slots. Bands ranked in order of which played longest ago to which played most recently; bands are offered slots in the resultant order until all slots are filled as shown below. (Poorleans and Off the Rails last performed on same date, countback shows that Poorleans performed the fewest number of times so is ranked ahead of Off the Rails.)

Band When Played Last Countback
1 Banned for a Night Club Cool July 2019 cc Jul 2019
2 Loading Zone Club Cool Sep 2019 played twice in 2019 cc Aug 2019
(Formerly “Igneous”) cc Sep 2019
3 The Mellows Sat Sess 18 Jul 2020 ss 18 jul 20
4 Jetty Boys Sat Sess 15 Aug 2020 cc 16 feb 20
ss 18 jul 20
ss 15 aug 20
5 The Poorleans Sat Sess 19 Sep 2020 macc 3 nov 2019
2x in 12 mths ss 19 Sep 20
6 Off the Rails Sat Sess 19 Sep 2020 cc sept 2019
played 5 times ss oct 2019
in 12 mths cc oct 2019
ss 18 jul 20
ss 19 sep 20
7 Griffin Sat Sess 24 Oct 2020 ss 29 Aug 19
Maccles 2019
ss 24 Oct 20

24 Oct 2020 Saturday Session

Nine registrations received for four performance slots.

Step 1: placed regos in order from “never played before” (i.e new band), then “played longest ago” to “played most recently”.

See chart below.

Bands 1 – 4 get the four slots (one new band plus three who haven’t played since 2019).

Bands 5 – 6 are academic, unless one or more of the selected bands drops out, in which case the order is determined as follows:

Cold Sweat, Crossfire and Jetty Boys all played last on same date 15 Aug. Step 2 (countback) shows Cold Sweat played once, Crossfire twice and Jetty Boys 3 times.

Flashback and Off the Rails both played last on the same date 19 Sept (the most recent gig). Countback shows Flashback played 4 times and Off the Rails 5 times over the same period of time, so Flashback gets priority over Off the Rails.

Update: 22 Oct. Banned for a Night withdrew – next in line Cold Sweat selected as substitute.

  Band Contact When played last   Countback  
1 Midnight Shift Graeme Vickerman New band
2 Born To Be Loud Michelle Maclean Last played Club Cool June 2019
3 Banned for a Night Terry Strand Last played Club Cool July 2019
4 Griffin Terry Strand Last played Sat Sess Aug 2019 (also Macclesfield)
5 Cold Sweat David Prideaux Last played Sat Sess 15 Aug 2020 (as Diamond Island) played 1 time ss 15 aug
6 Crossfire Tonia Brooks Last played Sat Sess 15 Aug 2020 played 2 times cc apr 2019
ss 15 aug
7 Jetty Boys Greg Palmer Last played Sat Sess 15 Aug 2020 played 3 times cc 16 feb
ss 18 jul
ss 15 aug
8 Flashback Las Katona Last played Sat Sess 19 Sep 2020 played 4 times ss oct 2019 (as new band)
in 12 mths cc 16 feb 20
ss 18 jul 20
ss 19 sep 20
9 Off the Rails Dave Yelland Last played Sat Sess 19 Sep 2020 played 5 times cc sept 2019
in 12 mths ss oct 2019
cc oct 2019
ss 18 jul 20
ss 19 sep 20

19 Sept 2020 Saturday Session

EMU received six registrations for four performance slots. EMU ranked them in order of who played when, thus:

1. Stonehenge   Last played Club Cool Nov 2019
2. Poorleans      Last Played Macclesfield Nov 2019
3. Off the Rails Last played Sat Session 18 Jul
4. Flashback     Last Played Sat Session 18 Jul
5= Jetty Boys   Last played Sat Session 15 Aug (i.e the most recent event) equal with:
5= Crossfire     Last played Sat Session 15 Aug (i.e the most recent event).

There were four available slots so the first four were selected.

However, if one of the selected bands withdrew (or there were 5 available slots) EMU would need to decide between Jetty Boys and Crossfire, both of whom played most recently at the same session on 15 Aug and were ranked equally in the list.

Applying step 6.3, over the past 6 months Jetty Boys played 3 times (Sat sessions on 15 Aug & 18 Jul plus Club Cool on 16 Feb) and Crossfire played once (Sat session on 15 Aug).

Thus Crossfire played the fewest times and would have been selected for the vacant spot.

In the unlikely event that both bands had played the same number of times over the past six months, even if at different gigs, EMU would keep on counting back to include the past 7, 8, 9 months and so on, until it found the next occurrence where one of the bands played in order to identify the band that had played the fewest times and select it for the vacant spot.