COVID-19 Policy

SA Live Music Club Inc. (the Club) values the health and safety of its members, patrons, stakeholders, and the community generally and therefore supports the health initiatives of the South Australian Department of Health in the management of COVID-19. The Club further acknowledges that it is not the owner or operator of venues (venue operator) where its members perform or participate.

In organising events, the Club shall ensure that the venue operators have an appropriate COVID-19 Safety Management Plan authorised by the Department of Health , and that the committee, members and patrons attending events comply with any directions issued by venue operators. Refusal by any member or patron to comply with such directions will result in that person being asked to leave the venue and in the case of a member, having their membership of the Club reviewed.

Where a venue operator does not have an approved Covid Management Plan and the Events Management Unit deems that use of the venue is necessary to meet club objectives, the committee shall prepare and submit a COVID-19 Management Plan to the Department of Health for approval ( Such a plan shall be consistent with government regulations and recommendations as published from time to time. The Covid Management Plan of the venue shall always take precedence over any plan prepared by the Club, provided it meets SA Health requirements.

Where required by the venue operator of an event or the Department of Health, the Club shall nominate two persons who have successfully completed the Prescribed COVID Marshal Training ( as COVID Marshals. One shall always be on duty during the event and during set-up and take down periods and shall be clearly identifiable.

The Events Management Unit shall ensure that all common use equipment owned by the Club and used at any event shall, wherever possible, be appropriately cleaned before and after a member performance in accordance with any requirements and standards issued by the Department of Health from time to time.

Last updated 13th March 2022