Election of Committee Members for 2019 – Results

Returning Officer’s Report

A Call for Nominations was published on this website on 11 November 2018 and emailed to all Members on 21 November together with a Notice of the AGM to be held on 15 December.

Nominations received by the close of nominations at 5.00pm on 10 December 2018 are shown below and the results are as follows:

President: One required.
One nomination received for Rob Green. No ballot required. Rod Green is elected.

Vice-President: One required.
One nomination received for Ian Short. No ballot required. Ian Short is elected.

Secretary: One required.
One nomination received for Yasmine Miles. No ballot required. Yasmine Miles is elected.

Treasurer: One required.
One nomination received for Tonia Brooks. No ballot required. Tonia Brooks is elected.

Committee Member: Six required.
Nine nominations received in the following order for: David Curtis, Yasmine Miles, Bob Clifford, Ian Short, Kim Henshaw, Tonia Brooks, Rob Green, Stephen Rees, James Drew.

Yasmine Miles, Ian Short, Tonia Brooks and Rob Green have already been elected as officers of the Committee as reported above and therefore are ineligible to stand for a general committee position. Their disqualification leaves five nominations for six vacancies, thus no ballot is required and the following are elected as Committee Members:
David Curtis, Bob Clifford, Kim Henshaw, Stephen Rees, James Drew.

The new Committee for 2019 takes up its role at the close of the Annual General Meeting on 15 December.

Ian Short
Returning Officer
11 Dec 2018