Rock – Blues – Funk – Soul – R & B

Dynamic 5 piece Band performing Old School and New Classics

Male & Female Vocals with Blended harmonies
Nicky Walsh – Vocals, Peter Smith – Vocals/Keyboard, Trevor Graham – Lead Guitar,
Terry Strand – Drums, Rob Hutchings – Bass Guitar

The Band was formed in 2017 with members of the SA Live music club ( Weekend Warriors )

All the members have extensive experience and have previously played with a number of different Bands over the years .

The idea with this Band was to play a diverse range of music covering a number of genres, Rock, Blues, Funk, R & B, Soul and Country Rock.

With the addition of Nicky as lead singer her big voice has enabled us to tackle songs by singers such as: Amy Winehouse, Tina Turner, Janis Joplin and Imelda May