Club Guidelines

How does the Club work?

SA LIVE MUSIC CLUB is an incorporated Club under the SA Associations Incorporations Act (1985) and is managed by a committee. The committee works within the guidelines of a constitution (available on the website) holding regular meetings to decide what the club wants to achieve for its members and how to achieve these aims. The committee consists of several ‘Officers’ (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) plus up to 6 general committee members.

Various subcommittees have been set up from time to time; an example includes the ‘Events Management Unit’. Any number of other subcommittees can be formed to assist the club to meet its aims.

If a committee position becomes vacant, it will be filled as per the guidelines included in the club constitution. Should the position not be filled, or if there is any prolonged delay, the roles of that position will be shared amongst the other members of the committee as appropriate. Committee members should therefore be prepared to share aspects of the various roles and responsibilities as required.

Note: Committee and subcommittee members are volunteers; none receive payment or other benefit.

Objectives of the Club

The objects of the club are to:

  • facilitate the fun, joy and pleasures of participating in music in a social environment without prejudice, bias and/or discrimination.
  • provide social amenities and facilities for the Members of the Association and provide accommodation for them on such premises as the Association may from time to time occupy.
  • promote and/or provide to its Members the opportunities to develop a further interest or maintain that interest within their field of live musical endeavour by way of providing support, advice and guidance including but not limited to the development, promotion, management and delivery of live music workshops, projects, events, gigs and festivals throughout Australia.
  • do all things which the Association or the Committee may think necessary or desirable for promoting the recreation, accommodation and convenience of any Member or Members.
  • seek Sponsors and at the discretion of the Committee enter into written Sponsorship Agreements including but not limited to project, event, general, major and exclusive sponsorships.
  • hire and/or employ and to pay persons in return for services rendered to the Association, salaries, wages, gratuities and pensions.
  • establish, promote or assist in establishing or promoting and to subscribe to or become a Member of or associated or amalgamated with any other association or club, whose objects are similar or in part similar to the objects of the Association, or the establishment or promotion of which may be beneficial to the Association.
  • support and subscribe to any charitable, music or public body.
  • borrow or raise money with or without giving security and particularly by the issue of or upon bonds, debentures (redeemable on dates to be determined by yearly ballot or otherwise at the discretion of the Committee) bills, bills of exchange, promissory notes or other obligations or securities of the Association or by mortgage or charge upon all or any part of the property of the Association.
  • do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.