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Looking for a Spot in a Band?

Maybe your band folded after your “Big Gig” Final Concert.

Don’t sit at home waiting for the phone to ring – it won’t unless you start putting your name out there.

Stick an ad on this page – let people know you’re looking.

Or contact someone who is advertising a vacancy.

Or maybe put out your own general call for people interested in forming a new band.

Go to SA Live Music Club gigs and talk to other members, make yourself known.

Are you a bit worried that maybe you’re not quite good enough? Don’t be. If you got through your Round and Concert, then you’re obviously good enough to take the next steps and start playing in a regular band. It only gets better.

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Describe in a couple of sentences what you’re looking for and what you’re interested in.

It helps to put the general area where you are based, although many members are happy to travel across town to get together.

Looking to form an Acoustic Duo

I am a former Weekend Warrior and semi-pro Lead Vocalist/band manager
of my own bands/duos.

I’m looking for an accomplished Acoustic Guitarist/Vocalist of an intermediate to advanced level to join me in my 2nd Acoustic Duo.

If you know anyone interested and/or suitable, please pass on my details, thanks…

Carol (Littlehampton)
0402 701 374

(Advert expires 1/6/2021)

Drummer looking to form a rock/blues/rock/rock’n’roll band

Keen, friendly, old drummer looking to join or form a blues/rock/rock’n’roll band to play no frills, three chord, easy to listen to, & dance to, music such as early Stones, early Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall, early Clapton, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf etc.

No superstars needed.

If you can even play A & D & E chords you are a likely suspect. And, if you know what a boogie or shuffle is, you are a shoe-in.

Sense of humour is a must.

Contact John on 0414 252 372 or

(Advert expires 1/6/2021)