Constitution & Rules


The current Constitution (link below) was approved by members at a Special General Meeting on 19 May 2018.

Please click here to download a copy of the Constitution and Rules of the Association

Complaints and Grievances

  1. If you are unable to resolve an issue through discussion and negotiation with the person or persons involved, then forward an email outlining your complaint or grievance to the WW Club Secretary, currently Greg Palmer. Click here for the online contact form to send a message to Greg. Please select “Secretary” as the Department and “OTHER” as the Subject.
  2. Greg will forward a copy of your email to the Executive, (i.e. the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) and to the appointed Complaints/Disputes Liaison Officer. Ron Bellman currently holds this portfolio.
  3. Ron will first liaise with the author of the complaint and any person or persons involved and attempt to mediate a mutually satisfactory resolution. If the issue cannot be resolved in this way, Ron will liaise with the author of the complaint and the Executive.
  4. If a satisfactory resolution is still not achieved, the Executive will take the matter to the full Committee for resolution. The Committee will deal with the dispute or grievance in accordance with Section 29 of the club’s Constitution.

By-Law: Delegation of Authority to the Events Manager

The Weekend Warriors Committee delegates to the Events Manager or his/her proxy the responsibility of managing events in the best interests of the Club and its members, including the authority to prevent a participating member from performing if, in the Event Manager’s reasonable opinion, that person’s behaviour or actions might compromise his/her own safety or that of others, or could bring the Club or its members into disrepute, or disrupt the enjoyment of other participants or patrons, or prejudice the relationship between the Club and its sponsors or between the Club and the venue management. Such an action by the Event Manager will apply only to the specific event, unless the person’s conduct is such that it warrants consideration under Section 4.4 of the Constitution “Expulsion or Termination of a Member” on a charge of misconduct detrimental to the interests of the Association, in which case the process outlined in Section 4.4 will apply.

Communications re. Event Registration

Confidentiality should apply to all negotiations between the Events Manager and performers throughout the process of registration, negotiation and finalisation of the program for Warriors’ Events.

This is to safe-guard the good record and integrity of the WW Project, that is the WW Music Club, the WW Program, our client venue/concert entities and, very importantly, our many WW unpaid volunteers who give so much to all that we’ve so proudly achieved over the past eight years. It is also important not to pre-empt or compromise sponsors’ programs, publicity and promotions.

Therefore, all musicians and singers, both WW members and non-members, registering to perform at a Warriors event, are asked to adhere to the following principle:

“All communication between concert musicians and the WW Events Unit Manager is done in confidence, in good faith and in private prior to, during and after the event”.

Disputes regarding participation arrangements are covered by the dispute process outlined above.