Special Fundraiser – Help the SA Live Music Club

Donate your 10¢ container deposit recyclables.

During the lockdown, Committee Members have set up a painless, on-going fundraiser for the Club in collaboration with Clarke Brothers Recyclers.

We now invite all members to join in.

How it works:

  • Use the form below to send a message to Clarke Bros.
  • They will deliver a clean, washed drum to your address. It’s about the size of a wheelie bin.
  • Gradually fill the drum with your 10 cent deposit recyclable containers. (It takes me about 6 months to fill one.)
  • When it is full, contact Clarke Brothers. They will collect it and leave you an empty one.
  • The recyclers will credit the Club $10 per full drum.

Bottom line – a full drum is worth around $20. The recyclers pay a private customer $10 for it. The balance covers their costs of transport and delivery, insurance, drum cleaning plus a margin for themselves.

In this scheme, we donate our refund to the Club. It’s a pretty painless way of helping the Club and supporting a small, innovative local business. It keeps your empty containers tidy while you are saving them up and saves you the hassle of taking them to a depot.

Fair usage: Drums must be full. Any kind of 10 cent deposit container is accepted. Only 10¢ deposit containers please – no general recyclables. The only special condition is that plastic bottles bigger than 600ml must be crushed.

    Send to: Clarke Bros Recycling

    (for drum delivery)

    For more information about the scheme and the service provider, please visit:
    Clarke Brothers Recycling.