Registrations are CLOSED for Saturday Sessions 22nd October

Saturday Sessions –  22nd October

Thank you for everyones support in registering for this event when we had no registrations. After mailing members with the below, we have 4 bands registered and the EMU will advise shortly on selection.


Dear Member

We need your band to play and be heard.

With the generosity of The Gov, each month they provide the Gallery Bar for club bands to have that chance to play live on the 4th Saturday.  Further, the Events Team put in an enormous amount of time and effort to support these gigs, so as to give you, our members, the opportunities to play.

And yet we have NO registrations for the 22nd October. Zilch, Zero, none.

We had to cancel September’s Session due to insufficient registrations! Not like from illness or Covid, that we endured earlier in the year. This puts enormous pressure on the Club, partly as we go to a lot of effort to get the gigs, and then no one wants to come out and play!

So if you are able and willing please register now:

Club Cool October 16th is next Sunday, a week away and always a good cause.

Please feel free to contact us via

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