Register for a Gig

Currently we have no new events for registration for the remainder of 2022.

No registration will be accepted until after the official call for regos has been sent to all Members.

Please submit a separate registration using the form below for each gig in which you are interested.

NB. To be eligible to register, all members of your band must be full financial Members at the time of registration, and furthermore, paid-up to the date of the gig.

NB Registration is an expression of interest only. Your band is not confirmed to play at a gig until notified by a member of the Events Management Unit after the EMU has followed the selection process.

Before submitting your registration, please be aware of any special hygiene, cleaning and social distancing requirements for that gig as outlined in the Call for Registrations. Registration will be taken as your band’s and each member’s agreement to abide by any such requirements.