Part band incubator, part muso/singer/band-matching social club, the Club’s goal is to help and support people into playing live music.

Information on tools, links or resources

Band Practice

Many questions come in about rehearsal spaces around Adelaide. Below are some of the regulars used by club bands, however Google will yield more in your local area if you can’t get into these places.

Not in any order of preference, are:

Songbook Pro

Songbook Pro replaces all the hassle of carrying and organizing your chord charts, lyric sheets and songbooks with a simple app on your laptop or tablet.

A fantastic tool for guitarists, bassists, vocalists or anybody using chord charts, lyrics, sheet music or heavy songbooks, SongbookPro easily allows you to get rid of all that paper by displaying your music in a flexible, easy to read format.

Click here for a sample of songs we currently use.

Stage Plot

The Club’s Event Team usually provides venues with stage plots to the sound engineer to assist with set up.

Whilst there are a number of apps available, we will in due course suggest a couple for your band.


We have quite a number of photos stored on Flickr.

In addition, you will find photos being posted for events on our Facebook page.

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We have quite a number of videos stored on our Youtube channel.

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