Saturday Session 17 July – Going Ahead

Saturday Session at The Gov 17th July still going ahead.

We are looking forward to a cracking afternoon with 5 bands lined up.
Further to the implementation of COVID restrictions overnight, we have consulted with the management at The Gov and determined the Saturday Session will go ahead with guidelines in accordance to the directions of SA Health. Please be aware these are subject to change at any time so please keep up to date.
The Gallery area is limited to maximum 69 people excluding staff, band performing, and SA Live Music Club’s Event team. Both performing band and Event team will be considered to be workers and thus not counted in the audience.
Audience members should not be dancing or singing, and seated at all times. Per the Directions, singing is allowed by performers so long as it is not in a choir, or karaoke setting.
It is imperative that everyone does the QR Code Check-In. If you need assistance please ask the staff.
The Event Team and Band members will be setting up from Noon, and then bumping out by 5pm.
The Club provides the backline including 2 x Boss Katana II 50W amps, acoustic drum kit, bass amp, music stands, guitar leads, power, keyboard, etc. The Gov provides all the front of house including microphones, stands, mic cables, monitors, etc. If you intend to use your own equipment please let one of the Event team know ahead of your set.
All gear eg. guitar cases, drum cases, etc. should be stowed to the back of the Gallery near the kitchen, behind the sound desk.
All hygiene steps will be carried out on the gear including microphones cleaned after each use as usual. If you have your own suitable microphone for example that you want to use is fine, just let us know before you go on. See the Gov web site for more information on their Covid procedures if you’re interested.
Staff will set up the Gallery accordingly from Midday onwards ready for the 1pm start, and yes the bar doesn’t open until 1pm, so please be patient and courteous. They will be moving the tables around and putting the names on tables accordingly.
It is preferable to book a table by calling the Gov on 8340 0744, especially if you intend to have a meal. Several bookings have already been made so please get in quick. Otherwise please be seated at all times.
See you there.
Events Team
Steve, Dave, and Rob
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