Songbook Pro

SongbookPro replaces all the hassle of carrying and organizing your chord charts, lyric sheets and songbooks with a simple app on your laptop or tablet.
A fantastic tool for guitarists, bassists, vocalists or anybody using chord charts, lyrics, sheet music or heavy songbooks, SongbookPro easily allows you to get rid of all that paper by displaying your music in a flexible, easy to read format.

Features include:

  • All your songs together in one universal digital songbook
  • Displays chords and lyrics clearly and concisely for easy playing
  • Full pdf support for playing from sheet music
  • Grouping songs into sets for easy switching between songs when playing live
  •  Quick and easy key and capo adjustments
  • Write notes directly onto your music
  • Import songs in ChordPro or onsong formats, as PDF or word documents or directly from, and
  • Simple sharing of songs and sets between SongbookPro users

Please note that SongbookPro is free to try out, however you will be limited to 12 songs in your library and online sync will is disabled until you choose to buy the full app through a small in-app purchase.

Click here to download the backup file for Random Jam

Once downloaded, unzip the file and import via Songbook Pro on iPad or Android tablet.