Joining Information for Program Participants – no joining fee

Summary of how to join:

  1. Submit an application in writing via email
  2. Be proposed by a current paid-up member
  3. Pay your regular annual subscription (currently $60 – no joining fee)

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted in writing (i.e. email via Contact Form, or letter) as follows:

By email (Contact Form):

  • The Applicant should send a message from the Contact Form on the Club’s website to the Membership Officer. (On the Contact Form, choose Membership Enquiries as the Contact and Membership as the Subject).
  • Please provide your full name and your regular email address where indicated – we use email only to communicate with members.
  • In the Message section, please state that you wish to apply to become a member of the SA Live Music Club, confirm that you have completed Round (no.) of the Program and performed at your Big Gig.
  • State the name of your Proposer. He/she must be a current, paid-up member of the Club).
  • Also please provide a suitable phone number and postal address, and indicate your preferred instrument(s) including “Voice” if applicable.

Then, please ask your Proposer to send a message to the Membership Officer via the Contact Form with a statement confirming he/she proposes you for membership of the Club and confirming that you have completed a Round of the Program. For example:

“I, (Member’s name), confirm I am a current full Member of the SA Live Music Club and am pleased to propose (applicant’s name) to be a Member of the Club. I also confirm that (applicant’s name) has completed Round (no.) of the Program and performed at the Big Gig final concert”.

By letter: Letters should contain the same information and statements as described above, be signed by the applicant and countersigned by the Proposer and mailed to: Membership Officer, SA Live Music Club, PO Box 77, One Tree Hill SA 5114.

The Club’s Management Committee or its delegate will consider the application and inform the Applicant whether the application has been approved or otherwise. The Membership Officer will advise the Applicant accordingly and, if approved, will provide the Applicant with details of how he/she may make the relevant payment to complete the process. On approval of the Application and receipt of the relevant payment, the Applicant will be admitted as a full Member of the Club with all the rights, privileges and obligations of a Member.