Vale Kylena

We are saddened to learn of the death of our friend and former club member Kylena Vigus in Cairns.

Kylena performed in the Weekend Warriors Round 19 concert in July 2008 and then in various SA Live Music Club bands where she made many friends. She moved to Cairns in Far North Queensland where she pursued her musical career, singing in an acoustic duo in many of the clubs, bars and venues in that city and in various towns and centres along the coast.

The past 12 months were challenging for Kylena, made even more difficult by the loss of performance opportunities as a result of covid restrictions. Kylena found an outlet for her creative talents during that time by making and selling a range of arts and crafts products in her unique artistic style.

In happier times, a few club members managed to catch some of her shows during their visits to that region. They and other Adelaide friends kept in touch with Kylena and gave her support when they could during difficult times.

The SA Live Music Club expresses its condolences to Kylena’s family and friends for their sad loss.

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