Independent Gigs


Where SA Live Music Club bands have organised independently to play at non-Club events.


OFF THE RAILS – Saturday July 14th 2018 8PM- Veterans Motorcycle Club
3/23 Donegal Rd Lonsdale



Advertising guidelines

The SA Live Music Club provides the following web site advertising and promotion for Club bands:

  • maintain a Club band’s profile on the Profiles page and keep it updated
  • provide links to a Club band’s web site on the Profiles pages
  • in the Gig Guide, advertise SA Live Music Club sponsored events and the bands playing
  • in the Gig Guide, advertise a Club band’s independent gig at a non-Club event when the event is open to the public provided the band continues to meet the criteria of a Club band (e.g. all band members are financial Members of the SA LIve Music Club).
  • adverts for non-Club events may not include downloadable notices or posters but will provide a link to the band’s or the event’s web site where practical
  • the web site may not advertise a SA Live Music Club band’s independent gig at a private event that is not open to the public, e.g. where other SA Live Music Club members are not able to attend or such advertisement cannot increase the band’s audience.
  • the web site may, at the Association’s discretion, put stories about bands and non-Club events on the News page when that story promotes the objectives of the Association.