Saturday Session 17 July – Going Ahead

Saturday Session at The Gov 17th July still going ahead.

We are looking forward to a cracking afternoon with 5 bands lined up.
Further to the implementation of COVID restrictions overnight, we have consulted with the management at The Gov and determined the Saturday Session will go ahead with guidelines in accordance to the directions of SA Health. Please be aware these are subject to change at any time so please keep up to date.
The Gallery area is limited to maximum 69 people excluding staff, band performing, and SA Live Music Club’s Event team. Both performing band and Event team will be considered to be workers and thus not counted in the audience.
Audience members should not be dancing or singing, and seated at all times. Per the Directions, singing is allowed by performers so long as it is not in a choir, or karaoke setting.
It is imperative that everyone does the QR Code Check-In. If you need assistance please ask the staff.
The Event Team and Band members will be setting up from Noon, and then bumping out by 5pm.
The Club provides the backline including 2 x Boss Katana II 50W amps, acoustic drum kit, bass amp, music stands, guitar leads, power, keyboard, etc. The Gov provides all the front of house including microphones, stands, mic cables, monitors, etc. If you intend to use your own equipment please let one of the Event team know ahead of your set.
All gear eg. guitar cases, drum cases, etc. should be stowed to the back of the Gallery near the kitchen, behind the sound desk.
All hygiene steps will be carried out on the gear including microphones cleaned after each use as usual. If you have your own suitable microphone for example that you want to use is fine, just let us know before you go on. See the Gov web site for more information on their Covid procedures if you’re interested.
Staff will set up the Gallery accordingly from Midday onwards ready for the 1pm start, and yes the bar doesn’t open until 1pm, so please be patient and courteous. They will be moving the tables around and putting the names on tables accordingly.
It is preferable to book a table by calling the Gov on 8340 0744, especially if you intend to have a meal. Several bookings have already been made so please get in quick. Otherwise please be seated at all times.
See you there.
Events Team
Steve, Dave, and Rob
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Saturday Session at The Gov – 17 July

Special Saturday Session with FIVE bands.

The SA Live Music Club presents another Special Saturday Session.

17 July at The Gov. Two great Club bands and three new Random Bands.

1.00  Loading Zone
1.55   Random Band 1
2.40  Random Band 2
3.25  Off the Rails
4.10  Random Band 3

Come along, show your support and have a great afternoon.

This relaxed and fun afternoon session features special performances by Random Bands*, plus 40-minute sets by regular club bands.

NB. This gig has easy-to-follow requirements relating to hygiene and social distancing. Our trained Covid marshalls will be on hand to give people polite and cheerful reminders about following the protocols.

*Explanatory Note – Participant Status

Club Rules designate Random Bands as a Special Interest Group (SIG), that is, a short-term or one-off activity or project for members, former members and guests. A guest or former member becomes a Special Interest Member on payment of the applicable activity/project fee, and is deemed to be a temporary Member of the Association only for the duration of the Special Interest Group activity or project in order to comply with the “members only” rule for eligibility to perform at a Club event when that event is approved as part of the SIG activity or project.

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Saturday Session at The Gov – 19 June

Saturday 19 June 1:00-4:30pm at the Gov.

The SA Live Music Club presents another fun afternoon with four great bands in The Gallery at The Gov (former Restaurant Room performance space).

1.00 Cold Sweat
1.55 The Poorleans
2.50 The Jetty Boys
3.45 Rock Solid

Come along, show your support and have a great afternoon.

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Random Bands – June-July 2021

By popular request, Random Bands is back.

Like Random Jam, this gives members, former members and guests the chance to play with new people or try out a second instrument in a random band.

But Random Bands takes it a step further with a chance for each random band to play at a one-off gig at the Gov.

Click here for more information and registration details.

Key Dates

Friday 11 June: Registrations close.

Tuesday 15 June: First meeting of participants and mentors, evening at a central location, details to be advised.

Celebratory Gig at The Gov: Sat 17 July 2021, combined with the SA Live Music Club, where each random band will be invited to perform a short set to the energetic crowd that frequents Random Bands and SA Live Music Club gigs.

Click here for details and poster.

Please note: The Random Bands project is intended to keep members and former members engaged with the SA Live Music Club and give guests a taste of Club activities through participation in a fun event.
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Saturday Session at the Gov – 19 June

Your band here?

Seeking four bands

45 minutes sets with 10 minute changeovers.

Venue: The Gov.

Bump in: 12 noon
Band 1:  1.00 – 1.45
Band 2:  1.55 – 2.40
Band 3:  2.50 – 3.35
Band 4:  3.45 – 4.30
Bump out by 4.45pm

Registrations are now open at until 5.00pm Sunday 6 June.

NB. To register, all members of your band must be fully paid-up members of the SA Live Music Club.

If more bands apply than the number of slots available, normal selection criteria will apply.

Selection guidelines may be seen here:

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Next Random Jam – Sun 16 May 2021

Guests and former members welcome.

4 hrs of jamming fun with real people in a supportive environment.

  • Like to jam or sing but don’t have a band?
  • Have a band but love to jam with others too?
  • Play a second instrument that you’d love to get some practice on?
  • Want to get a taste of what the SA Live Music Club is all about?

If you ever wanted to get into playing live music or get back into a band this could be your stepping stone.

Random Jam brings together musicians and singers of all experience levels. Everyone is welcome –  no pressure –  it’s just jamming fun.

Time: 10.00am to 2.00pm
Venue: Wundenberg Studios. 36 West Thebarton Road, Thebarton.

Click here to download the information flyer.

Current members, past members and guests are welcome.

For more info and to register, visit:  

Registration is essential. Please don’t just rock up on the day.

This is vital so we can book the right number of rooms and comply with covid protocols.

PA, mics, amps and drums will be supplied by Wundenberg Studios and the SA Live Music Club, with up to 3 separate studios available. We provide song books for reference on the day.

Venue: Wundenberg Studios, 36 West Thebarton Road, Thebarton.
Date and Time: Sunday 16 March, 10.00am – 2.00pm.

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Riverstock Revival – Tickets Now on Sale


Riverstock Ticket Sales are now open to the public at:

IMPORTANT: Before buying any tickets, please read the information page at:

Tickets are limited so please make your purchases as soon as possible.

Club members playing in a band at Riverstock 2021 are free.

Spouses, partners, guests, etc. will need tickets.

Discounted ticket price for other financial, non-playing SA Live Music Club Members.

Children 16 or under will be free.

Don’t forget to buy a camping permit and Sunday breakfast ticket if required. Meals and drinks available for purchase at the venue.

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Vale Kylena

We are saddened to learn of the death of our friend and former club member Kylena Vigus in Cairns.

Kylena performed in the Weekend Warriors Round 19 concert in July 2008 and then in various SA Live Music Club bands where she made many friends. She moved to Cairns in Far North Queensland where she pursued her musical career, singing in an acoustic duo in many of the clubs, bars and venues in that city and in various towns and centres along the coast.

The past 12 months were challenging for Kylena, made even more difficult by the loss of performance opportunities as a result of covid restrictions. Kylena found an outlet for her creative talents during that time by making and selling a range of arts and crafts products in her unique artistic style.

In happier times, a few club members managed to catch some of her shows during their visits to that region. They and other Adelaide friends kept in touch with Kylena and gave her support when they could during difficult times.

The SA Live Music Club expresses its condolences to Kylena’s family and friends for their sad loss.

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Special Recycling Fundraiser

Donate your 10¢ container deposit recyclables.

We invite all members to join our painless, on-going Club fundraiser in collaboration with Clarke Brothers Recyclers.

How it works:

  • Use the form here to send a message to Clarke Bros.
  • They will deliver a clean, washed drum to your address. It’s about the size of a wheelie bin.
  • Gradually fill the drum with your 10 cent deposit recyclable containers.
  • When it is full, contact Clarke Brothers. They will collect it and leave you an empty one.
  • The recyclers will credit the Club $10 per full drum.

Please see for more details and information about how to join the scheme. Feel free to share or forward to friends and family who might wish to donate their refunds to the club.

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Our Facebook Page

Looks like we are collateral damage from Facebook’s dispute with the Australian Government over news content.

Like many other community groups, it seems that all our content has been blocked from Australian viewers.

It’s possible that you might still be able to see it in some browsers or by clicking the link in our Facebook feed in the right hand column. However, we aren’t sure that posts are showing up in followers’ Facebook feeds and there still seems to be an issue viewing our page via the Facebook app.

We are sad that this is happening. We are not a news site, nor a government-related site. We are a reputable, well-established, not-for-profit, community-based social club for recreational musicians and singers.

Facebook has announced that it will be starting an appeals process around 25 Jan for affected community groups to request that their pages be reinstated.

We’ll follow it up when that happens. Meanwhile we’ll continue to publish information for our members and interested followers here.

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