Riverstock Revival


Riverstock Ticket Sales are now open to the public at:


IMPORTANT: Before buying any tickets, please read the information page at:

Tickets are limited so please make your purchases as soon as possible.

Club members playing in a band at Riverstock 2021 are free.

Spouses, partners, guests, etc. will need tickets.

Discounted ticket price for other financial, non-playing SA Live Music Club Members.

Children 16 or under will be free.

Don’t forget to buy a camping permit and Sunday breakfast ticket if required. Meals and drinks available for purchase at the venue.

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Vale Kylena

We are saddened to learn of the death of our friend and former club member Kylena Vigus in Cairns.

Kylena performed in the Weekend Warriors Round 19 concert in July 2008 and then in various SA Live Music Club bands where she made many friends. She moved to Cairns in Far North Queensland where she pursued her musical career, singing in an acoustic duo in many of the clubs, bars and venues in that city and in various towns and centres along the coast.

The past 12 months were challenging for Kylena, made even more difficult by the loss of performance opportunities as a result of covid restrictions. Kylena found an outlet for her creative talents during that time by making and selling a range of arts and crafts products in her unique artistic style.

In happier times, a few club members managed to catch some of her shows during their visits to that region. They and other Adelaide friends kept in touch with Kylena and gave her support when they could during difficult times.

The SA Live Music Club expresses its condolences to Kylena’s family and friends for their sad loss.

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Special Recycling Fundraiser

Donate your 10¢ container deposit recyclables.

We invite all members to join our painless, on-going Club fundraiser in collaboration with Clarke Brothers Recyclers.

How it works:

  • Use the form here to send a message to Clarke Bros.
  • They will deliver a clean, washed drum to your address. It’s about the size of a wheelie bin.
  • Gradually fill the drum with your 10 cent deposit recyclable containers.
  • When it is full, contact Clarke Brothers. They will collect it and leave you an empty one.
  • The recyclers will credit the Club $10 per full drum.

Please see https://salivemusic.club/recycle/ for more details and information about how to join the scheme. Feel free to share or forward to friends and family who might wish to donate their refunds to the club.

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Our Facebook Page

Looks like we are collateral damage from Facebook’s dispute with the Australian Government over news content.

Like many other community groups, it seems that all our content has been blocked from Australian viewers.

It’s possible that you might still be able to see it in some browsers or by clicking the link in our Facebook feed in the right hand column. However, we aren’t sure that posts are showing up in followers’ Facebook feeds and there still seems to be an issue viewing our page via the Facebook app.

We are sad that this is happening. We are not a news site, nor a government-related site. We are a reputable, well-established, not-for-profit, community-based social club for recreational musicians and singers.

Facebook has announced that it will be starting an appeals process around 25 Jan for affected community groups to request that their pages be reinstated.

We’ll follow it up when that happens. Meanwhile we’ll continue to publish information for our members and interested followers here.

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Who played when in 2020

This is a list of bands that played at a club gig during 2020, plus their “countback” dates.

In alpha order;   ss = Saturday Session; cc = Club Cool.

Banned for a Night              ccJuly 2019.  Xmas special 12 Dec 2020

Born to be Loud                   ccJune2019.  ss24oct20

Cold Sweat (Diamond Island)   ss15aug20.   ss24oct20.

Crossfire                                ccApril2019.   ss15aug20.   Macclesfield 2020

Cruizin’ Blues Band            ss15aug20 (new band).

Flashback                              ss oct 2019 (new band).  cc 16 feb 20.   ss 18 jul 20.  ss 19 sep 20.

Griffin                                    ss29Aug19.   Maccles 2019.   ss24Oct20

Jetty Boys                             cc 16 feb20.   ss 18 jul20.   ss 15 aug20

Loading Zone (Igneous)    cc Aug 2019.   cc Sep 2019.   Xmas special 12 Dec 2020

Mellows, The                        ss 18Jul 2020.   Xmas special 12 Dec 2020.

Midnight Shift                      ss24oct20.   Macclesfield 2020

Mystery Train                       cc16feb20

Off the Rails                          ccSept 2019.  ssOct 2019.   ccOct 2019.  ss18jul20.  ss 19sep20

Poorleans, The                      Macc 3Nov19.   ss 19 Sep 20

Rock Solid                             Macclesfield 2020

Stonehenge                           cc Nov 2019.    ss19sep20.   Macclesfield 2020

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Saturday Session at The Gov – 20 Feb 2021

Saturday 20 Feb 1:00-4:45pm in the Gov Front Bar.

Regos are now open at https://salivemusic.club/rego/ until 5.00pm Friday 12 February.

Click here for details.

The SA Live Music Club presents another fun afternoon with four great bands in The Gov’s Front Bar:

Bump in: 12 noon
Band 1:  1.00 – 1.45
Band 2:  1.55 – 2.40
Band 3:  2.50 – 3.35
Band 4:  3.45 – 4.30
Bump out by 4.45pm

Come along, show your support and have a great afternoon. Easy-to-follow social distancing applies.

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AGM 2020 & Election of Committee

Annual General Meeting 2020 – Saturday 12 December

The Annual General Meeting of the SA Live Music Club Inc will be held on Saturday 12 December 2020 at The Gov, 59 Port Road, Hindmarsh SA 5007 at 11.30am to 12.15pm, followed by the Special Christmas Saturday Session at 12.30 pm.

Elections for Committee Positions

Returning Officer’s Report

At the close of nominations, the following nominations had been received:

One nomination received for Stephen Rees. No ballot required, Stephen is elected.

Two nominations received: David Curtis and Stephen Rees. Stephen, having been elected President, is ineligible to stand for another position. One eligible nomination remains. No ballot required, David Curtis is elected Vice-President.


Three nominations received: Mark Langford, Rob Green and James Drew.
Mark and Rob declined leaving one eligible nomination for James Drew. No ballot required. James Drew is elected.

One nomination received for Tonia Brooks. No ballot required, Tonia is elected.

Committee Member (6 positions):
Nine nominations received for: Ian Short, Stephen Rees, James Drew, Dave Curtis, Yasmine Miles, Bob Clifford, Rob Curtis, Mark Langford and Rob Green.

Stephen, Dave and James, having been elected to other positions, are ineligible to stand for a committee member position, leaving 6 eligible nominations. No ballot required. The following are elected: Ian Short, Yasmine Miles, Bob Clifford, Rob Curtis, Mark Langford and Rob Green.

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Special Christmas end-of-year gig and celebration

Saturday 12 December at 12.30pm at The Gov.

11.30   AGM
12.15   END AGM
12.30 – 1.15   (45 mins) THE MELLOWS
1.30 – 2.00    (30 mins) THE UNDECIDED
2.15 – 3.00    (45 mins) BANNED FOR A NIGHT
3.15 – 3.45     (30 mins) GREEN HORN
4.00 – 4.45    (45 mins) LOADING ZONE

Please note:

This gig has special, easy-to-follow requirements relating to hygiene and social distancing. Our trained Covid marshalls, Stephen and Rob, will be on hand to give people polite and cheerful reminders about following the protocols, including:

  • Every one is required to scan in or provide written contact details.
  • Vertical drink consumption (i.e. standing up) is allowed but food must be consumed while seated at the table where the food is placed.
  • Social distancing where possible, otherwise masks when possible.

Don’t forget the AGM

The Club’s Annual General Meeting will start at 11.30am, just before the Christmas Special. Details are here: https://salivemusic.club/agm-2020/ .

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Saturday Session at the Gov – 15 August

Saturday 15 August 2:00-4:30pm at the Gov.

The SA Live Music Club presents another fun afternoon with four great bands in The Gov’s new Restaurant Room performance space:

2.00 Diamond Island (rock’n’roll)
2.40 Cruizin’ Blues Band (blues)
3.20 The Jetty Boys (surf rock)
4.00 Crossfire (country rock)

Come along, show your support and have a great afternoon. Easy-to-follow social distancing applies, with table seating and service. Bands and supporters, please phone the Gov on 8340 0744 to book your places or a table.

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Saturday Session 18 July – Call for Registrations

Saturday Session at the Gov

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – SA Live Music Club’s first gig after the lockdown!

Seeking four bands for a 30 minutes set each.

Saturday 18 July in The Gov’s new Restaurant Room.

1.00pm: Load in.

2.00 – 4.30pm: Band performances.

4.30 – 5.00pm : Load out.

Important information

Please read before submitting a registration.

This gig is a bit different from previous ones because of special requirements relating to hygiene and social distancing.

1. The gig will be in the Gov’s new Restaurant Room performance space – not the front bar. With the new Level 3 restrictions in place, it can hold 40 people with another 24 in the overflow “fireplace room”.

2. Band slots are 30 minutes to allow enough time between sets to carry out The Gov’s mandatory equipment cleaning protocols.

3. Bands must comply with The Gov’s cleaning requirements. The main features are:

– mic guards must be screwed off and replaced with disinfected guards in between acts,
– used mic guards must be placed in the “used guards” container for disinfecting (performers may use their own personal mic at their own risk),
– mic leads, stands, amplifier dials and mic bases must be disinfected with either spray or wipes in-between acts.
Disposable gloves and hand santizer are provided.

4. To ensure a speedy turnover between sets, bands are asked to prepare in the saloon room (mid bar) to be able to go on stage and plug in as quickly as possible when they are called. That means bands should make every effort to have their instruments tuned, pedal boards and other equipment set up and ready to plug and play, and have everything ready to go with the minimum of delay. Stage managers will make every effort to ensure that each band gets its full 30 minutes but will ask a band to finish up if it appears to be going over its allotted time.

Please be aware that these requirements are intended to make sure that members and their bands have an opportunity to perform while complying with Government and the Gov’s requirements for the health and safety of all participants.

If more bands apply than the number of slots available, normal selection criteria will apply.

Selection guidelines may be seen here:  https://salivemusic.club/band-selection-guidelines/

For that purpose, the “previous, most recent” event will mean the last event where club bands actually performed, not any planned event for which bands were selected but which was subsequently cancelled.

Registrations are now open at https://salivemusic.club/rego/ until 5.00pm Monday 6 July.

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