How to Join the SA Live Music Club

There are two separate ways of joining the Club.

The usual way of joining is by doing the Weekend Warrior Program. This is how most people join. Click The Program tab in the Menu bar above for a description. There is a fee to do the Program which includes a complimentary six months membership of the Club. Please note: the SA Live Music Club does not run the Weekend Warriors Program.

Someone who has not completed a Round of the Weekend Warriors Program may apply in writing and be proposed and seconded by two current financial members.  There is a joining fee and a cap on the number of members admitted to the Club. If the Club is full, applications will be added to a waiting list and processed when vacancies become available in order of time and date of receipt of the application.

People completing a Round of the Weekend Warriors Program are admitted as Members of the Club immediately, irrespective of the membership cap.

If you are interested in applying to become a member, please click here to check the FAQs page first, and see especially FAQs 4 & 5.